Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Oasis

It has been a month or more since ABC1 aired the documentary The Oasis. It was a very moving documentary about a refuge for homeless youth, The Oasis, in inner city Sydney. The doco followed the lives of a range of youth over two years. It was a poignant reminder of the issues that are literally on our doorstep that we so often overlook. In our very own land of opportunity there are people who do not have somewhere to sleep at night or enough food to eat. You don't have to go to another part of the world to see people living in third world conditions.

One of the most inspiring things about the documentary was the work of Paul Moulds, the coordinator of the refuge. He, his wife and a number of other workers dedicate their lives to reaching out to these troubled youth. There was so much obvious compassion and it didn't seem to matter what was thrown at them, they continued to love and reach out to the youth. They were able to overlook the issues that the youth carried with them including drug and alcohol issues, aggressiveness and mental illness to see the broken, vulnerable and valuable human beings.

Not all of the stories had a happy ending, but it was amazing to see some of the transformations that took place over the two years. The program enabling some of the youth to gain skills, employment and independent living conditions.

I think that everyone should watch this documentary. It's confronting yet inspiring. It will remind you to think (and take action) about those in your own community that are struggling and to be grateful for the life that you have.

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