Monday, June 23, 2008

What should be done about Zimbabwe?

What is in store for Zimbabweans now that Morgan Tsvangirai has withdrawn from the election run off?

Whilst it was obvious from early on that Mugabe was not going to give over control of Zimbabwe, no matter what the election results suggested, while there was open and direct opposition through Tsvangirai and his leadership of the MDC there was still a glimmer of hope.

The reasons that Tsvangirai has given for withdrawing are legitimate. You want to protect those that are supporting you and the process. If he'd continued there would be more violence, more death, more instability. He obviously felt that he had to draw a line.

On the other hand, where does it leave Zimbabwe now? In my mind Tsvangirai's withdrawal by no means legitimises Mugabes position (Although I'm sure his supporters will think it does)Will the people accept this state of affairs? What will happen to those people that took the chance and openly showed their support for the opposition? Will they expect help from the international community? And what will the consequence of that action/inaction be?

The thing that upsets me most is that when things like the situation in Zimbabwe occur it is the general population that suffers. If Tsvangirai continued to the run off election the freedom and safety of the people is compromised. If Mugabe's regime continues the freedom and safety of the people is compromised. If the international community place sanctions on Zimbabwe or intervene in other ways the freedom and safety of the people is compromised.

It does not seem to matter what happens, it will be at the expense of the people.

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