Monday, September 8, 2008

Is aid effective?

Before beginning my study I would not have questioned the effectiveness of overseas aid. I would have said that any sort of aid is better than no aid, no matter how effective (a little or a lot). I think I still lean in this direction but I think that we can be more aware of what makes aid effective and strive to ensure that it is.

A summary of key points from my reading this week.
  • The range of views is enormous, from aid is terrible to it's the 'miracle cure' and all of the places in between.
  • It is incredibly difficult to measure the effectiveness on aid because there are so many variables. Type of aid, types of indicators, cultural context, internal and external factors... and the list goes on.
  • Good policy and good governance is extremely important for aid to be effective.
  • There needs to be shared responsibility between recipient countries and donor countries. Both have a role to play in making aid effective.
  • The idea of capacity building and the flow on effect it has for the success of aid.

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