Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take Action #3 - Knit for a Cause

Turn your hobbies and interests into something special, something that will make a difference in someones life. Here is one for knitters. There are many people both locally and internationally that can benefit from your skills and talents.

Below are a number of links that you might like to start with. Each group has a different focus, but they include contact details, pattern suggestions and more information on the type of projects you might like to work on.
The links are all from Australia, but if you search for contacts in your country I'm sure you will find many options. Some of the projects run over a specific period of the year, of course you might like to get started early. Feel free to post other suggestions and links.

Happy Knitting

Knit One Give One - KOGO collect and distribute knitted garments to those in need across Australia through a range of organisations. They can supply you with knitting kits or you can do your own thing. Knitters in Victoria can pick up kits and drop of garments from selected pharmacies.

Wrap With Love - Wrap With Love collects and distributes knitted wraps to those living in parts of the world who are impacted by the extreme cold. You can knit one square on an entire blanket. Patterns provided on the website.

Chicks with Sticks: Knitting for the Needy - A Melbourne based knitting group who knit beanies, scarves and wristbands for those less fortunate in the Eastern Suburbs. They welcome people to join their knitting group and happily accept knitted items from those who are unable to attend the group. Patterns are included on the website.

Guardian Angel Knitting Program - Guardian Pharmacies in conjunction with World Vision distribute knitted clothing for some of the world's poorest children. The project runs from the 1st of June until the 31st of August each year. Participants are able to pick up a knitting book from Guardian Pharmacies which contains patterns suitable for children aged between two and ten.

Knitters for Melbourne's Needy Another Melbourne based organisation that distributes through welfare agencies garments for the abused, battered and homeless of Melbourne.

The Australian AIDS Fund Inc Knitting Project
- Garments and blankets are distributed to the world's AIDS babies, infants and orphans. Patterns and details about where the items are going are all available on the website.

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