Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aid or Trade?

Blogging is great for procrastinators like me. I'm supposed to be writing another essay for MICD. I've done a lot of reading and made a lot of notes but am having trouble getting started on the actual writing.

The topic is essentially trade instead of aid is needed to alleviate poverty. I'm arguing somewhere down the middle. Some of the questions that I'm tackling include...

What is the impact of trade on developing countries, positive and negative?
Are there functions of each that cannot be filled by the other?
What are the advantageous/disadvantageous of developing countries that are trading in finite resources?
Can developing countries actually compete internationally, do they have the supply capacity?
What about aid for trade and other approaches to dealing with poverty?

Probably the biggest question for me is how do you ensure that increased trade actually benefits the poor?

Oh well, back to it I guess.

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