Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did you know...

Ten facts about refugees and displaced persons

1. There are around 12 million refugees in the world, 1 million asylum seekers and 8 million internally displaced people.

2. 45% of refugees are in Asia; 30% in Africa; 19% in Europe.

3. The main host countries for refugees are Pakistan - 2 million; Iran - 1.9 million and Germany - 976,000.

4. Nine countries in Africa look after more than 100,000 refugees each, even though they are among the poorest countries in the world.

5. 45% of refugees are under 18 years.

6. The total number of displaced people in the world has doubled in the last seven years, partly because it is now harder for people to cross borders.

7. The top two countries hosting refugees (as a proportion of total population) are Armenia - 8% of the total population and Guinea - 6%; Australia has 0.08%.

8. Only about 12 countries have a resettlement programme for offshore refugees - which means they accept offshore refugees as permanent residents. - America takes by far the largest number - 72,500 in 2000. Canada tops the list for the number resettled as a % of total population - in 2000 they settled 13,500. Australia accepted about 6,600 refugees the same year.

9. Germany had the biggest number of onshore asylum applications in 2000 - 117,700. Britain had 75,700, the Netherlands had 43,900. Australia had 4,500.

10. 97% of Afghan asylum seekers arriving in Australia are given refugee status, ie. They are found to be "genuine" refugees.

Compiled from figures from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the Refugee & Displaced Persons Dept of the National Council of Churches, and the Refugee & Displaced persons Committee of the SA Council of Churches.

Mission Resourcing Network - http://www.sa.uca.org.au/site/page.cfm?u=264

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