Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It can't possibly be October already...

Time to take account of where things are at.

- I've failed miserably at the September NaBloPoMo challenge. I guess 15 out of 30 is an o.k effort for my first go. My students can pass with 40%, so I guess I've made it over the line. I'm going to try again but I need to be more organised with my posting.

- I'm more than half way through my first two unit for MICD, which is great. Even better, I only have one chapter for each subject left to read. So it will be all about the essays from here on in.

- My year 12's only have three weeks left of school. Bad news for them if they're not ready, good news for me, I can relax. I've done my part, it's all up to them now.

- Nothing more has happened with my attempt to get involved with the support network for refugees in our area. One of the things that has been frustrating is that organisations ask for volunteers and then sometimes aren't very good at following up. I'm going to chase this up again shortly.

- I really love that there are more dots appearing on my Clustr map. It's exciting to know that people are stumbling across my blog. However, it would make it even better if you left comments, asked questions, made suggestions or argued with me. I'm really keen to find people who are interested about these issues, want to talk about them and make a difference, large or small.

Bring on October.

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