Monday, October 13, 2008

Postscript to 'Global financial crisis'

Thanks to Paul for the following comment posted in response to yesterdays thoughts on the global financial crisis.

Blogger Paul Newnham said...
I am to blown away by the "Crisis" and all the talk about the impact of this "Crisis". I saw last night the Special on TV on how to survive and wonder how do we get the same level of connection to Poverty and help people give a damm about this.
At work today, sitting around the lunch table, my colleagues discussed, questioned and argued about all sorts of things to do with the economic situation. They were passionate and vocal and it will probably remain the main topic of conversation for quite some time. So I return to Paul's questions. How do we get the same level of connection to Poverty? How can we help people care enough about these issues to want to question, debate, speak out with passion and act on these issues?

One of the reasons that I started this blog was because of the frustration I was feeling about not being able to connect with people over the issue of poverty. On a side note, I did raise the ideas amongst my colleagues that perhaps there were some even bigger crises happening in the world at the moment. The point was acknowledged and even supported, but the conversation quickly turned back to the initial topics. (Ah there goes Em on her soapbox again)

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  1. Thanks for the Love!!! It is hard to engage people in poverty but I think the importance here is to connect poverty to them to make it personal and this is hard but also important for us and one way is to break it down to small actions that when added together bring a big change. I was listening the other day to a young advocate I know talking about raisieng fair trade concearns with the netball club she is at and the "old ladies" as she said decided to buy 4 balls and test them to see if they bounce well and if they do will change over. This sort of thing helps get talk to action and to stories that can be shared. This way people connect with the fight against poverty with out even realising. this builds bridges to find ways to raise other things. Keep on trying at work and be creative in how you raise stuff but sometimes the constant prod is all that is needed.