Saturday, October 18, 2008

Something to celebrate

I've just had a browse of my last few posts and have to admit to myself that at times it can all seem too much. It is easy to understand why people prefer to focus on their job or possessions or whatever it might be that can distract them from the issues of the world. It can simply be too overwhelming. Often it can feel like there is only ever bad news and heartbreaking realities... poverty, conflict, death... and as we all know the list goes on.

I think that it is an appropriate time to remind ourselves that we must celebrate what is good in our world. I don't think that even the most compassionate person could continue in their attempts to change the world if they only saw the heartbreaking things of this world and did not celebrate what is good. On Tuesday I went to a young adults evening where TJ spoke of her time in Malawi. One of the things that she spoke about was the way the community celebrated together. They had absolutely nothing yet they looked for any reason to celebrate.

What reasons do you have to celebrate?

1 comment:

  1. Three things that I want to celebrate...
    1) That over 12 000 people participated in Blog Action Day with an audience of over 13 million readers to talk about poverty.
    2) The resilience of 6 young (12-16 years of age) Sudanese refugees that I had the privilege of meeting and talking to about their experiences, and the eagerness with which they have started their new life.
    3) The love and support of my husband and family. They continue to encourage me while I pursue more study and attempt to find my niche in the world.