Monday, October 27, 2008

Take Action #5 - Buy Fair Trade Products

Taking action against injustice in our world does not have to be in addition to the rest of our lives, an added extra that we do every now and then. I would like to think that it can be a lifestyle choice. Again, it doesn't have to be extreme, we don't have to change the world all in one go, but there are choices that we can modify in our daily lives that will have an impact.

Enjoy your morning coffee? Like to indulge in some chocolate in front of the tv? Often have rice with your veggie stir-fry? Next time you do your groceries keep an eye out for fair trade products and make the switch.

In Australia and New Zealand Fair Trade products have the above symbol printed on them and even the major supermarkets stock some of these products. If you'd like to do a product or location search or find out more about Fair Trade products check out the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand website. If you're from outside of Australia check out the Fair Trade Federation (US) or the Fairtrade Foundation (UK).

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