Thursday, October 2, 2008

World Food Programme

Josette Sheeran the Executive Director of the World Food Programme was on David Letterman last night. Her message was quite clear. $3 billion dollars a year is all that it would take to ensure that all school children had at least one cup of food a day. $3 billion might sound like a lot to us but consider the $700 billion bailout cash that will be found by the US Government. Australia is planning to spend A$26.7 billion on its defence budget by 2015. American paid US$ 3.7 billion for one DDG-1000 destroyer for the Navy, lets not even talk about their overall defence budget.

I couldn't find the segment from Letterman. But here is another clip with the same message.


  1. Here's another way to think about 'their defence budget' -

    Feeding the poor won't matter much if the madmen of the world obtain nuclear weapons, will they?

    Nor will it matter very much if more countries fall under the control of tyrants who horde the food donated by the rest of the world to help their starving people.


  2. Thanks cj for your post.

    That defnitely is a different way of looking at it.

    I'm not suggesting that countries don't need defence budgets, there are certainly very good reasons why defence is important. However, I do wonder why countries that can find hundreds of billions of dollars to spend on (for the sake of the argument) defence can't find a couple of billion in an attempt to alleviate poverty.