Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And so the rest of the world waits...

for the "race that stops the nation". Whoops mixing my big events up. Today is Melbourne Cup day, supposedly it's the race that stops the nation however I've still spent a day at work and don't even know the names of three horses in the race.

No I'm much more interested in the other big race, the US Presidential election. I've heard more than once that it should be an election that the rest of the world can vote in as well because of the global impact it will have, and I am inclined to agree.

I've watch and read a lot regarding the election and I'd have to say if I could vote it would be for Obama. I have not been able to warm to McCain (someone who criticises their opponent for wanting to share wealth just does not appeal to me) and I do not even want to think about Palin.

As a history teacher I've spent a fair bit of time studying the American Civil Rights movement and I do appreciate the significance of potentially having the first African American president. I would love this to happen in my lifetime.

I'll continue to watch the outcome and continue to hope that whoever gets elected can show real leadership and that they will have the courage to confront the BIG issues (injustice, poverty, food crisis, the environment etc).

I can dream can't I?

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