Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Say NO to violence against women

Today is White Ribbon Day or the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.
  • In the last year, one in 20 women (5.8%), or over 440,000 women, were the
    victims of violence, according to the 2006 ABS survey.

  • 4.7% (363,000 women) experienced physical violence
    (including physical
    assault, attempted assault, or the threat of assault).

  • 1.6% (126,100 women) experienced sexual violence (including sexual assault,
    attempted assault, or the threat of assault).
  • (White Ribbon Day Facts and Stats.)

    At work today we had a morning tea that was put on by four students who are youth ambassadors for the White Ribbon Day. It's great to see some young men who are willing to stand up for something in hope that they can raise awareness and change the culture amongst their peers.

    Starting from today is the White Ribbon Day campaign that will run for the next 16 days. Wear a white ribbon to show your support for the elimination of violence against women.

    • Wearing a White Ribbon is not a badge of purity or a badge of perfection. It does not mean that the wearer has perfect relationships.
  • It means that this man believes that violence towards women is unacceptable.
  • It is a visible sign that the wearer does not support or condone the use of violence against women.
  • Everyone can show their commitment to ending violence against women by wearing a white ribbon.
  • Proceeds from purchasing a White Ribbon go towards changing community attitudes through high impact awareness campaigns.
  • (White Ribbon Day: Wearing a Ribbon)

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