Monday, November 10, 2008

What about this crisis?

While the newspapers have given plenty of coverage to the economic 'crisis' tucked away on page 31 of the Herald Sun at the end of last month was a very brief piece, 'Billion to go Hungry'.

"Rising food prices will push the number of hungry people in the world above one billion next year...

...[In September] at least 925 million people were hungry in the world, compared with 848 million between 2003 and 2005...and since then the estimate is that at least 44 million more have become hungry... [and] the billion mark could be hit next year.

...Rising prices and increasing hunger were driving the world "far away" from achieving the UN goal of reducing extreme poverty by half by 2015."

Herald Sun, 29-10-2008, P 31.
The idea that the level of hunger is increasing is alarming. In a world where there is greater awareness and communication because of the media, where we live in a global community with less isolation from issues impacting other parts of the world because of technology I find it hard to imagine that we can go backwards in the fight against poverty.

We need to seize the opportunity that we have to make a difference. We need to make the most of the the tools that we have in terms of technology and science to our advantage and we need to continue to propagate the message that the world does not have to be this way, we actually have the power to create enormous change. (Yes I am feeling hopeful and optimistic in the wake of Obama's success, is it really that easy to tell?... You're lucky I didn't say "Yes we can" hehehe).

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  1. Great to see you rasing this question around both of the GFCs. It is really interesting to see the coverage and how it is so connected to protecting our ability to indulge!

  2. It's appalling that close to a billion people in the world are hungry. I so agree that this crisis should be getting more attention.

    I've nominated a couple of posts for the Just Posts, a monthly roundtable of posts on topics of activism and social justice. I hope it will help people find your great blog! (And I hope you'll go check it out yourself.)

  3. I agree with you Em that we need to seize the opportunity to make a difference. I think the GFC as well as protecting our ability to indulge also hinders our ability to care about factors and issues outside of our immediate family unit. If a family is struggling with a mortgage, school fees, petrol/grocery prices etc. they don't even want to know about how many people are going hungry.

  4. To Paul and Drowser, thanks for adding to the discussion. I really get a buzz out of knowing there are other people that think about these issues.

    Alejna, thank you for the nominations. I'm humbled, I just write about what is on my heart and mind but I'm glad that you've got something out of my posts. It's been great to be introduced to Just Posts, I've been enjoying reading what others have to say too.