Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

The origins of Boxing Day are a little hazy but I can confidently tell you a couple of things that boxing day is not about.

1. Boxing Day is not about the biggest shopping day of the year. It is not about lining up at Myer to rush through the doors at 7am. It is not about finding the bargain of the century.

2. It is also not about cricket. We do not get the day off work so that we can head down to the MCG for the Boxing Day test.

The origins of Boxing Day can be traced back to Britain where traditionally gifts of cash, food or other goods were exchanged between the upper and lower classes. For example the Lord or Master of the house would give gifts to the servants. There are a range of theories about why it is called boxing day but there is agreement around the idea that it stems from giving to those that are less fortunate. These days Boxing Day seems to be more about what you can get, it would be great to see a shift to a time where people think about others.

Amongst the business and chaos, have you had time to think about how you might be able to share some Christmas cheer with those that are struggling.
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