Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Road Home- Homelessness White Paper

The Australian Government released their White Paper on homelessness today. I've only had a brief chance to look over the executive summary but plan to have a closer look over the next few days.

It is good that the issue of homelessness is on the agenda and that the government is setting out specific goals to address it. The two main long term goals are to
  • halve overall homelessness by 2020
  • offer accommodation to all rough sleepers who need it by 2020.
They've set interim goals and have plans to address a range of dimensions including early intervention, affordable housing and improving and expanding services.

Currently in Australia, every night, there are 105 000 homeless people. This year the issue of homelessness has gained a lot of attention and I hope that the government continue to address the issue and follow through with their plans and financial support. It would be great to think that the 'lucky country' could be just that for all of its population.

Have a look at the white paper, The Road Home, here.

Photo credit: living on the street by sensesmaybenumbed

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