Friday, January 9, 2009


I've just come back from a week leading at a youth camp in Portland. We had about 70 kids between 10 and 16 and a team of leaders, cooks and support crew. The camp went really well. There was a real sense of community and we had a lot of fun.

The studies and discussion for the week were based around the Mark Sayers DVD The Trouble With Paris which explores some of the challenges that our world is up against in terms of culture and ways in which we can live out our lives of faith in this world.

The DVD prompted a lot of questions and discussion and one of the coolest things was that it also prompted some action. We normally collect a bit of money to buy gifts for our cooks who feed us so well and this year the kids decided that they wanted to spend the money in honour of the cooks on something that would help those in need. Just amongst themselves in one night they collected over $400, all of which was then spent on a range of things from the TEAR catalogue. They ended up with a lot more money then if they'd simply been collecting for the cooks and they felt good about being able to do something as a community.

It was a great week and I hope everyone who was on camp continues to think about the ways they can avoid being caught up in the culture of hyper reality, instead living out a life that has real meaning.

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