Friday, January 16, 2009

Holiday Reading

I love the holidays because it means that I can read what ever I want without feeling guilty about everything else I should be reading for work or uni. Although I'm working my way through a nice pile, the list of other things that I want to read just keeps getting longer. It's a pity my holidays are nearing an end.

A couple of things that I've recently finished...
Open House (Sheridan Voysey) is a collection of interviews from Voysey's talk back radio program of the same name. Topics and guests of the program recorded in this book a extremely varied. My favourite interviews included: Terry Waite a man who had been taken hostage in Lebanon in 1987, John Anderson - former Deputy PM and Clive Hamilton, both who touched on our cultures obsession with prosperity and 'stuff' and Jeffrey Sachs, Wes Stafford and Tim Costello who discuss various aspects of poverty and the potential we have right now to address the issue of extreme poverty. The conversations provided some great snippets of wisdom and inspiration. And although I didn't always agree with everything that was suggested it definitely prompted a lot of thought. I'm looking forward to going through this once again, a little slower this time to savour the experience.

Heart of Fire: From Child Soldier to Soul Singer is about the author, Senait Mehari's harrowing experience as a child soldier in Eritrea during war with Ethiopia. The story documents being abandoned by her father, the horrific and brutal experiences of war, escape, more obstacles and finally the creation of a new life. The narrative is a little fragmented, but it did paint a vivid picture of some of the horrors of our world.

It is estimated that there are 300 000 children being used as soldiers right now and are fighting in conflicts world wide. Around 2 million children have been killed in conflict since 1996. If you're interested in pursuing this issue, these websites are work a look. World Vision on child soldiers, War Child Canada and BBC Children of Conflict.

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  1. Good to hear about what you have been reading I had wondered if the open house book was worth checking out. Clive Hamilton is great have you read afluenza? If not worth a look