Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some random thoughts on giving

I've just been thinking about the way in which disaster and tragedy draw communities together, it gets people talking and sharing and connecting with each other. And while I think that communities coming together is definitely a good thing, it is sad to think that it takes something drastic to make us evaluate what is truly important.

The other thing that has blown me away in the wake of the Victorian bush fires is the generosity and the amount of giving in time, money and resources that has taken place. Despite there being a global economic crisis people have donated huge amounts of money, millions of dollars have been raised so far and fundraising is continuing. This extraordinary outpouring of generosity demonstrates the power of communities as they work together. Again it is sad that it takes something so dramatic to engage the community. Imagine the way local and global issues could be addressed if we could harness that kind of community engagement.

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