Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teachers Across Borders

I'm very excited. After some periods of frustration, disappointment and even a bit of jealousy an opportunity to return to Cambodia has arisen. A colleague and I applied to be a part of the Teachers Across Borders program in Cambodia and today received word that we would be a part of the workshop team in January.

Teachers Across Borders Australia sends teams of teachers to Cambodia to run professional development workshops with Cambodian teachers who do not have access to they types of resources that we have access to in Australia. High school teachers in Cambodia can have over 100 students per class. By helping to equip these teachers there is potential for them to have an impact on a great number of people in Cambodia. Education has the potential to strengthen communities and help in the response to issues associated with poverty.


  1. Great to hear. My father in Law is Brian Allen and set this up in Australia and so I guess you will be travelling with him!

  2. Yes I will be. This makes me want to break out in song... "it's a small world after all..."