Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Election Rant 2010

So here we are, it had to be mentioned sooner or later. There are only two days left before the federal election and I can honestly say that I have no idea who I am going to vote for. Admittedly in the past I've been a bit of a 'swinger' looking for the way each of the parties respond to the issues that I care about. The problem with this campaign is that neither party is standing out when it comes to the issues that are important to me. What I see as the big issues are obviously not vote winners and so they are either neglected altogether or paid lip-service with not much substance or vision. In addition, I think that the media, particularly the commercial media has let the population down by focusing on the soap opera rather than putting pressure on our politicians to address key issues.

I care about the environment and climate change, just treatment for asylum seekers and refugees, education, indigenous issues and development. When I turn on the TV or open the newspaper, all I hear is the leaders of both the major parties slagging each other off or repeating well learned catch phrases. Apparently the 'big' issues are broadband, a railway line in Sydney, 'big bad boats' and... well that's about it unless you count bickering over who has done the best/worst job in the past. And in the end, what I think according to the media and the numbers people, doesn't really matter. Ballarat is a relatively safe Labor seat and there has been very little attempt from candidates on either side to demonstrate why I should vote for them. It's too bad that I don't live in a more marginal seat.

I would love to see a leader that has vision and substance, policies that are based on what is right and not what is popular, and an election that is about policies and not personalities.

Here endeth my election rant.

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  1. I like the rant. Pretty much sums up my thinking exactly. How can we let them know that no matter what the outcome there is still a heap of really disillusioned voters that are not being served through our democratic system... or rather perhaps the embarrassing state of Australian politics.
    Form our own party perhaps?? I'd vote for you Em if I was in Ballarat!
    I was talking to someone about all this today and she made a good point- it being that even in 'safe' seats, any change or shift from previous results will be well noted and felt. Our only way to be noticed?...on the other hand though it could send the wrong message of support for those you don't wish to have it. Anyway.
    Yeah- absolutely no idea!