Monday, September 27, 2010

Halls Creek

We arrived in Halls Creek on Thursday and have been keeping pretty busy since. Here is a quick update in photos.

Thursday: We arrived at the Peoples Church in Halls Creek and met Tim Kim, one of the elders at the church.
We were invited by Donald another elder at the church and an elder in one of the indigenous communities in the area to the closing ceremony of the AGM of the Kimberley Land Council and celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Kimberley Language Resource Centre. We were treated to a meal and some traditional dancing and singing from different aboriginal groups from across the Kimberleys. Seven- eight tribes had gathered for the meeting from across the region,  the first meeting of this kind in Halls Creek.

On Friday afternoon we ran the kids club at church with about twenty lively indigenous kids from the area.

The kids from Yorkie Kids had made gifts and cards for the kids in Halls Creek. We presented these to the kids at kids club and Sunday school.

On Friday night Steve Grace happened to be in town doing a free concert so after kids club we went off to enjoy an evening of music.


We got up early to start prepping the walls of the toilets that we are going to be painting. It was hot thirsty work, even early in the morning.

On Saturday afternoon we went to visit some of the local sites- Old Halls Creek, Palm springs (Tim and Ebony saw a snake), Saw Pit Gorge and China Wall

Today we participated in the morning service and the Peoples Church, ran the Sunday school and led the evening service. More about this in another post. Heading to bed early(ish) so that we can get started on the painting in the morning.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. Whew!!! GREAT STUFF GUYS!! My heart is swelling with pride! Looks like you are having an amazing time. You look like you are in a different WORLD!!! Keep up the great week. There are many people praying faithfully for you! I'm sure parents will appreciate these updates too! Blessings Special People. Love Ange

  2. Thanks Ange for your encouraging words. We're having a great time and being stretched also - it's good stuff. Look forward to catching up when we get back.

  3. Hope you're all having a great time relaxing after your time at Halls Creek. Can't wait to see you all (but especially Hannah) on Saturday night.