Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Accidentally giving up TV

 In my quick post yesterday I mentioned that I've given up TV (specifically commercial television.) It happened accidentally. While we were in Western Australia we didn't have access to a television in the places we were staying and because we were busy and living with a team it wasn't noticeable. We were involved in different activities, spent time chatting and playing games or went to bed early because of our early starts. The only time that not having a TV was noticeable was when the AFL grand final was aired (In the end that didn't matter either).

After being out of the TV loop for two weeks, I'd missed so many 'essential' episodes that it seemed pointless trying to catch up. After a couple of busy weeks I suddenly realised that I'd hardly watched any television and that I didn't really miss it. Now it has come to a point where I can see so many benefits that I'm now choosing not to watch.

I have more time to do other, well, stuff. I'm reading, blogging, catching up with friends, praying, participating in church and community activities, fixing the hem on a pair of pants and other jobs that have been neglected for ages. I have found more hours in my day.

My relationships, particularly the one with my dearest, have improve. We have spent a lot more time just talking, about our day and what's going on with life. It has been a little like what it was like when we were going out and could and wanted to talk for hours.

My head feels less cluttered. The constant advertising, the 'news' and lame programming clutters up my brain and I feel freer because I'm not submitted to that.

I'm sleeping better. I'm getting earlier nights (don't check what time this was posted). I'm not staying up to watch something just because it happens to be on. I'm sure it will have other health benefits, especially once the weather gets better and I can spend more time outside.

And so because of all of these things I'm going to continue to avoid watching commercial television. And you never know, it may lead to a few more blog posts.

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