Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A favourite blog

While browsing through other peoples blogs a few months ago I found  Radical Living in a Comfortable World by Seth Barnes. It has quickly become one of my favourites and I thought that I should share it rather then keeping it all to myself.

I love it for so many reasons. Seth is passionate about living out his Christian faith whole heartedly. I love it because he is passionate about mission and ministry. Some of his posts articulate so accurately some of my own thoughts that I often think 'I wish I'd written that', 6 ways short-term missions change lives, is one of those. Other times the posts deeply challenge or inspire me (The future is unknowable - commit anyway and Samson didn't die). Occasionally the posts speak directly in to my life and to the things that I'm wrestling with, this week it was this post on How to find God's will (more about this topic later).

So check it out, you just might be inspired or challenged.
Happy reading.

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