Monday, March 28, 2011

You have to keep asking the question...

Why is IT* this way?

*'It' being the injustices of this world. 'It' could be poverty, oppression, conflict, homelessness, abuse... Insert what ever issues makes you angry.

Why are the worlds priorities so out of kilter?
Why is IT* so wrong but IT* continues to happen?

IT* does not have to be this way.
We have the power to keep asking the question and to advocate and act for change.


  1. While the philosophy of the world is to love things and use people things will always be out of kilter.
    God calls us to love people and use things.

  2. I had not heard this before. It is so simple and so true.
    Question: What was the name of the YouTube clip that you were talking about re:human trafficking?