Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three years in the blogosphere

Today officially marks three years of Social Justice Soapbox. It is hard to believe how fast the time goes, so much has changed and yet so little as well. I still enjoy blogging and perhaps I'll last another three years, that is unless blogging has been taken over by something I have never heard of yet.

Thanks to all of my readers (all 13 of you). I would continue to write even if it was just for myself, but hopefully somewhere along the way something I have written has connected with you in some way.

In honour of the three years I have made a list of six of my favourite posts. 

Do you have any favourites?

Images: top left- Jimmy 2008, above: Jimmy 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Knit One Give One

In the early life of this blog I posted a Take Action post for people who are crafty, 'Knit for a Cause'. In that post I listed a whole bunch of organisations and groups that allow people to use their hobby and knitting skills for a good cause. 

One of the of the organisations that I listed was Knit One Give One(kogo). I had forgotten all about my earlier post (it was almost three years ago) until this week when I did my stint on the SoupBus. It was a freezing cold night and for my first time this year I had a number of SoupBus customers that were in need of some winter woolies such as gloves and hats. We usually have a bit of a supply on the bus for nights like this and I went into the little store room on the bus to see what I could find, and what do you know, tubs and tubs full of scarves, beanies and gloves all with little kogo tags. These knitted items were gratefully accepted and put to great use.

Thank you to all of those busy knitters out there.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take Action #7- Give up bottled water

I've decided to revive the 'Take Action' posts. For those of you who haven't seen them before they are just small actions that can be taken to make the world a better place. It's good to be practical and proactive. Often the worlds problems can seem overwhelming, it is nice to be reminded that we can make a difference even in the small things.

Yesterday I was inspired by this blog post, Drinking bottled water is not a sin, right?

It does seem ridiculous that Australians spend half a billion dollars a year on bottled water when water from our taps is free and essentially just as good ( and sometimes better) than bottled water. 

In addition to this if you think about the cost environmentally as well as economically of producing bottled water we ought to be ashamed when one in six people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water. 

For more facts and figures check out GoTap.

So take action...

1) Give up bottled water.
Refill a drink bottle with water from the tap. If you really think you can't stand the taste try using chilled water from the fridge or use a filter on your jug or tap.

2) Take it further.
If you are in the habit of buying water STOP get your water from the tap AND put aside the money you would normally spend on bottled water to donate to a clean water project like The Water Project.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pursue your passion...

It's good for your health.

I don't have any evidence to back this statement up, but it certainly feels true.

I've been in the process of testing a few more doors and I've come across a new and exciting opportunity. I can't say too much about it yet, but it will enable me to combine my professional skills with my newly acquired knowledge from my Masters as well as my passion for education and justice issues. All the while enabling me to continue teaching and supporting my other half while he continues his study.

In the midst of pursuing my passion I've met great people, had interesting conversations and had so many amazing experiences. When you are pursing your passion while you may be busy, it often doesn't feel like work. There's a twinkle in your eye and it doesn't take much to bring a smile to your face. You feel energized and renewed. You feel released and free.

The opposite has been true for me as well. When I'm not pursuing my passion I feel caged and frustrated, fatigued and depressed. It doesn't matter if what I am doing is easy, or well paid, or seemingly a good thing to do. If it's not something that I'm passionate about it can be really hard to be get motivated.

In an ideal world everyone would do what they were passionate about on a full time basis. Our jobs would be connected to our passions rather then our need to pay the bills. And while it may never be possible to avoid the grind of a nine to five job that simply pays the bills but brings no joy, I encourage you to never give up on pursuing your passion in some capacity. It will make you feel alive.

Are you pursuing your passion? If not, why not?