Friday, July 15, 2011

Holiday reading: human trafficking and short term missions

I've managed to have a fairly quiet mid year break, full steam ahead again on Monday. A quiet holiday period means that I've been able to attack the pile of books that has been mounting up beside my bed.

Terrify No More- Gary A. Haugen with Gregg Hunter

Terrify No More follows the investigation and raid of brothels in Cambodia in an effort to rescue children who had been trafficked into the sex industry. It also draws on other experiences of International Justice Mission (IJM) in their fight against human slavery in many different contexts around the world. It is a confronting read, but it highlights the complexities of the issue. While the subject matter is horrendous, there is a sense of hope. While the situation can seem overwhelming and impossible to combat, each person that is rescued from slavery is a story of hope.

Short- Term Missions Workbook: From mission tourists to global citizens 
- Tim Dearborn
I'm exploring new material that could be used to help prepare for our next short term mission trip. This was recommended by a minister that had used it with a team that went to Kenya a couple of years ago. We are looking to use a similar missional discipleship model like we did for OnEarth and this workbook might fit the bill. It has eight key sections which examines elements such as working in team, cross cultural training, the God of mission. It is a well set out work book with good reflection questions, activities and a comprehensive guide for facilitators.

Not all of my reading had been this heavy or educational. I've also read my fair share of average novels. A guilty pleasure that I can indulge in on the holidays. I'm going to head back to the couch now. This will be the last chance I have for some uninterrupted reading time until the September break.

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