Thursday, August 23, 2012

Retreat or Pursue

We have been in Newcastle for about seven weeks and in our house for just over three. There has been so much change and it's tiring. In many ways it's still surreal. It's still a novelty. We're still settling in. It hasn't been long since we last saw family and friends. It's been busy and fun and I've been caught up in meeting new people and exploring new places and rejoicing in all that God has done to prepare the way. However, in the last few days, I've started to come to a new place of thinking, one where there is a choice that must be made about what is next.

On one hand I feel ready to retreat. 
That's enough now God. We heard your direction and we acted in obedience, that's why we're here. We've been amazed by the number of ways that you have blessed us and taken care of us. We are thankful and overflowing with joy. But can I stop now? I'm tired.  Haven't I given up enough, done enough, obeyed enough.... Can't you let me retreat a little? Let me hide in the daily routines of work and home. Live a quiet life...

But then I feel a tugging on my heart. A whisper in my soul.
I haven't finished yet.
This is a starting point not the finish line.
I haven't brought you here for nothing. I have a purpose.
Do you trust me?
Press in.
I'll reveal what's next when it's time.
Press in.

Press in.
Press in.

And so I can choose. I can pat myself on the back for getting this far and then use everything from the last six months to justify retreating into a comfortable, quiet life or I can press in to His love, pursuing His will for my life, in my work and home, and in my new community. I know which one would be easier but which one is going to make my soul sing? Which one is going to mean I grow and change? Which one is going to lead to greater intimacy with the creator of the universe? Which one is going to please my Lord?

I haven't finished with you yet.
Press in.

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