Thursday, April 16, 2015

An uncomfortable truth

'Early Light' by Tony Armstrong - CC BY 2.0
One of the reasons for my absence and a contributing factor to my return is that I have had nothing to write about. Well actually there are lots of things that I could have written about (politics, refugees, children in detention, poverty, mission, justice...etc.) but the problem is it would have been empty words. I claim to be passionate about justice and mission but you wouldn't be able to tell from my actions. Since our move I realise it has become all talk and no action.

Now I could make plenty of excuses...
- I'm still settling in to a new town/church/ministry/job...
- There's been a lot of change
- We've been through some periods of uncertainty
- I've been busy with work/study/church...
- I've had a baby
- I'm just focusing on my family/marriage/baby/cat right now...
...and probably plenty of people would tell me that these things are valid.

However, the uncomfortable truth is that
- I have become comfortable
- I have not been intentional
- I have not prioritised this part of my life
- I have been talking the talk without backing it up with my actions.


I confess these things as the first step to rectifying the situation and exchanging what is comfortable for how I am called to live, intentionally prioritising the pursuit of Kingdom things and living out the talk.

Thanks for bearing witness.